Ready for WORK!

Ready for WORK!

Okay everybody, I just got over a minor flare which lasted about a week and 2 days.  THIS IS GOOD NEWS because the breaks in between are getting much longer just like they are supposed to!!

The flares on and off over the last 5 months have coincided with my periods which is interesting because some others who are healing (women) have also stated that the same thing is happening to them. Hmm…I wonder why this happens.  Anyway…..

The new product I am taking called Autoimmune-X by DigestaCure has been helping, not curing, but helping and with NO side effects because it is an all natural supplement.  It has been nearly 3 months since I have been taking it and so far so good. I am also seeing more skin clearing. In small areas but it’s happening.  The only symptoms I have left right now is itching (but not all the time, thank goodness), dryness, flaking, wrinkly skin in some areas and discoloration still.  I do still get a bit of pain that comes with the flaring and some fatigue when I flare but I feel so much better than I did months ago and even when this all began.


I have been looking for work since March of 2016.  I have been on interviews and going through the whole “looking for work” ordeal while collecting unemployment (the amount is horribly low) even during times of having to endure this mess.  As you know I have had to start a GoFundMe account just so that I could afford the supplements I am taking.  It’s been rough but I am NOT giving up!

I had 2 interviews within the past few weeks (6 altogether since last year) and even though I did not get the one I had initially wanted (yes they sent that dreaded rejection e-mail), I am waiting to hear back from the most recent one I interviewed for.  I have a good chance of landing that one seeing as how they are hiring 15 new people for a training class.  It’s a great company with excellent benefits and it is close to home! Pray for me! =)  I HAVE to get back on my feet financially.  I have a family which includes a Daughter who now needs braces! Whew!!

THANK GOODNESS though, I am well enough TO WORK!! HIRE ME!! YAY!! =)

STILL Flaring at 40 Plus Months In


November 25, 2016 Skin Shedding

STILL Flaring at 40 Plus Months In

I am VERY angry today. I thought for sure this mess would be over by now.  I know I haven’t updated this blog in many months BUT I am going through a rough patch in my life right now.  Being out of work again, marriage on the rocks and suffering from depression is NOT fun.  I had a break for a little while although I flaked and shed throughout, I felt more normal once again BUT over the past few months starting up again in August, I have been flaring up more often…..again (every 2 weeks for several days each time) and it’s maddening.  I am at my wits end with this!  I read about other sufferers and what they are trying to do to heal quicker and I don’t blame them for wanting to be well like YESTERDAY! I refuse to let any doctor prescribe MORE steroid medication though because that is what got me where I am in the first place. I refuse to try any synthetic medications pharmaceutical companies make so I have chosen to see a Naturopathic Doctor. Yes, that’s going to take money.

Money and Depression Are a Problem

Because I am collecting unemployment right now ($145 a week which is nothing) and looking for work (yes I feel like I can work at this point again) it will be difficult to see a new doctor right away. Due to “ObamaDontCare” I am on an HSA plan so I have to pay a portion upfront larger than a co-pay.  Because of my marital difficulties, I am pretty much on my own money-wise so I will be asking my Brothers, Sisters and Neices and Nephews for some help. I was able to set up a GoFund me account which brought some money in, but that was for my medical bills and supplements. I’ma have to keep sharing the link so more people can see it.

I am not giving up though and will be doing as much as I can.  In fact, I have been doing as much as I can to help myself when I feel well enough to do so.  I have been on some interviews also, since the last joke of a job I had but nothing has come to fruition yet.  Fighting depression is NOT easy.  It’s not just about feeling sad a lot, trust. It goes much deeper than that and I even thought about ending it all.  I’ve fought it and won before so I will be okay. I just wish  I had more support at this time.

On top of everything else, the car I barely drive now is breaking down.  The right headlight is out and per the auto mechanic, it’s going to take more than just a light bulb replacement to fix it. He tried that and it still didn’t work. They wanted to charge me for some kind od diagnostic test so I just brought it back home. I also need new brakes and one of my tires went completely flat over night.  I had AAA come out and put a spare tire on it. It’s just sitting there in front of my house looking pitiful. I have to laugh though because >sigh< at this point it’s to be expected.  With all I am going through right now, nothing else will even surprise me.  I’m just tired of it all.

I don’t tell my family much of what I am going through so they don’t really know anything other than I am still going through this hardship.  I get calls from them from time to time and they try to cheer me up which is good, but now I am going to be calling them for financial assistance.  Let me tell you the main reason why…..


November 25, 2016 Skin Shedding Pile left and more came afterwards.

Starting a New Supplemental Program with Pristine Nutraceuticals

One of my friends told me about a company that has been around for some time now and they have a natural supplement that is an Immune Modulator, something I do actually need.  It’s called Digestaqure and at this point it is something I want to use.  I investigated and did some research and a lot of people have been helped with their medical conditions with this product.  It has also helped people with different skin conditions. I am grateful that I already take supplements that have helped ease some of my suffering but honey, I need to HEAL as SOON AS POSSIBLE.  I am no longer a fan of having my body heal itself at this point.  It’s taking too long.  It’s going on 4 years now and I WANT MY LIFE BACK NOW.

What I like is the fact that you just don’t order the product and boom, you take it.  They actually work with you via phone and e-mail while you are on it to keep track of your progress.  They are professionals in the Naturopathic Medicine field.

The product is not cheap at all but my health is worth the cost.  I’d end up paying a whole lot more had I kept going to my Dermatologist just for him to tell me he wants to prescribe more steroids, recommend lotions, send me to Yale University to try some medication that might cause more damage or try to put me on something to reverse the damage, which may or may not work and cause more damage to my body.  I am NOT trying to be a guinea pig!  I will ONLY deal with natural products and nutraceuticals now.  I will go to my Dermatologist for follow up visits on my progress, that’s it.

Here is the company website:

Starting today I will be asking my family members and friends to help me get the $427 package. I know I will need to be on it for 3 months or more. With my mom, dad, older brother, older sisters, nephews, neices and I am sure some friends helping me out, I can get that money and get it. If you are reading this and would like to help me also. Go right on to my GoFundMe page  I’d appreciate the help.  The sooner I get it, the better.

The money already collected there, $520 (as of this writing) has already been used.  I am in need of more to get this product and I haven’t even reached my goal yet so I can pay the rest of my medical bills.

I AM Going To WIN This Fight

Flare No More will be the name on the bedazzled tee shirt I am going to be wearing when I am done with this mess and I just might sell them too. They will be black with silver lettering.  I am also going to have a party.  A BIG party once this is done because goodness knows, I NEED one.

ME-SHADESThree Plus Years Of Red Skin Syndrome & Topical Steroid Withdrawal!

Hello everyone! I know many of you are wondering where I have been for so long since my last post, so I will tell you.  I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH A ROUGH STATE OF DEPRESSION.  That being said, I literally unplugged emotionally from everything except what I feel for my loved ones and focusing on healing.  I even stopped making Youtube Videos because I just could not be bothered anymore.  To those of you who have watched them and were looking forward to more, it’s okay, I’ll be back.

How is My Health Now?

Right now I feel pretty good physically.  I am still very discolored over 90% of my body and I still get flares although they are not as intense and do not last as long as they once did. The worst parts of my body as far as flaring and itching go are my arms, hands, neck and legs.  The parts that are still discolored, still shed skin.  What is crazy though is instead of large skin flakes when shedding, they are small and sometimes look like little specs of sand.  My hair isn’t falling out as much and my eyesight, well that needs to be check out for real.

I still get fatigued and wake up in the wee hours of the morning unable to get back to sleep and still get night time itching.  I did though notice the other day that my face and some parts of my body (legs mostly) have patches on it that are returning to my normal color, YAY!! I just wish it would speed up.

Suffering Financially

One of the things that has been a hardship has been the fact that no matter how much I have tried to work during this, it’s been so difficult and then to be laid off from a job I loved to find another one through an agency only to be told after 5 months, via answering machine message (that I missed listening to by the way) not to come in the next day.  The Rep told me “it looks like it’s due to lack of work” and they won’t be needing me but she will help me find more work.  So far, nothing.  The latter job was a joke though mainly because it was for a donation center and we got hung up on 95% of the time.  It was all outbound calling  yet we were expected to get those donations (20 a day) by any means necessary.  I guess being HONEST and not putting in fake donation pickup requests, like some of my co-workers did at the time caused lack of work?  As sick as I was many times, I was NEVER late for work and I came in and did the best job I could do.  Oh well, their loss.  The pay was way lower than what I am worth and the work conditions were less than stellar anyway.  The ONLY thing GOOD things about that job was yes, helping people in need and that my co-workers were very nice regardless.

Not being able to work  much and being sick so much though has left me $5,000 in debt which includes medical bills.  It’s a good thing I am married to a Man who is a hard worker, understand my condition and situation and keeps a roof over our heads and food on the table, but still, I NEED to work.  Living on one income in the state of CT is NOT good unless that person makes a WHOLE lot of money per year after taxes.  I am seriously thinking about getting back into online marketing if I don’t find something soon.  Now that I can sit up for longer periods of time that may be something I can spend time doing but even THAT takes money.  I only get $130 a week for unemployment right now which runs out in November.  That’s not even chump change in the state of CT.

I STILL wish I could sue big Pharma for making the poison that put so many of us in the situation but as I was told, we can’t because it is only a temporary condition.  Really? WHY does it take up to and sometimes over 7 YEARS to heal from? How about all the horrible pain and suffering we have to go through?  How about the job losses many of us have to endure? How about those of us who are not able to work at all? How about the psychological affects suffered? Yea, there is THAT too but folks, I decided to ask for assistance in this area by putting up a GoFundMe Account.  I learned that some of my fellow sufferers have done this and have gotten some assistance, so I decided to give it a try myself, afterall I am STILL suffering and STILL need help.

Here is the link if you can help:  GOFundMe

I May Be Suffering Still But I am Strong

That’s right, I AM strong! I AM a Trooper! I AM beating this!  This whole ordeal has made me so much stronger it’s insane. I am NO LONGER in a depressed state of mind.  I KNOW in fact that I WILL come out on TOP of this battle because THAT is what I WANT to happen, and I KNOW that it WILL.  My faith, loyal support from family and support of TRUE friends has helped me tremendously, so once this mess, this nasty party of my life is over, I WILL break free from what was and truly blossom into the person I have become.  I will embrace all that is waiting for me to accomplish in the near future and come out a winner because….the beat GOES ON!


Update: 2 Years and Nearly 3 Months of this Mess

Well folks, I know it’s been a LONG time since I last posted to this blog but I seriously had to unplug from like, everything. I just recently did another Youtube video for my watchers. In this video I explain what’s happening now.

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RSS & TSW are SEVERELY Nutrient and Mineral Deficient!!
Here is WHAT I AM USING (as described in the video) WHAT IS WORKING NOW:

Crisco Shortening (I kept saying oil, sorry) for moisturizer: Get it from your local grocery store.

The BEST Master Multiple TANGY TANGERINE TABLETS 2.0 AND Ultimate EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)
Get it here:

To Kill Yeast ST-TN CAPSULES & CANDICLEAR from Genestra Brands
Get it here:

ALOE VERA JUICE (Has many healing properties I forgot to mention in the video)
Get it here:

L-GLUTATHIONE which is a strong Antioxidant:

Regarding Forgiveness

I posted this on my other Blog recently and decided to share it with my fellow TSW sufferers on this blog as well. It has nothing to due with our illness but it is something we all go through in life.

Please note: The video also comes from my other YouTube channel

Forgiveness is something that is easy for some people but not so easy for others. The BEST thing to do for yourself AND the other person IS to forgive and just let it go! Here is a video on this very topic:

If you are a Bible reader or have one laying around, open up, read and think about these scriptures.

“Just as you want men to do to you, do the same way to them.”—Luke 6:31.

“With humility consider others superior to you.”—Philippians 2:3.

“Be quick to settle matters.”—Matthew 5:25.

“For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you – Matthew 6:14

“Whereas if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” – Matthew 6:15

“Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint against another.”—Colossians 3:13.

“We all stumble many times.”—James 3:2.

“Love covers a multitude of sins.”—1 Peter 4:8.

Show compassion for others everybody….be forgiving!


I Am 23 Months In – Here is the Update!

I am now officially into my 23rd month of TSW and happy to say that I am STILL doing so much better than in earlier months. I wish all of my fellow sufferers the very best and may you all have a speedier recovery period!


I am SO glad my body is moving along with the healing process. It has been slow going but at least it’s going well!

This video was posted by my fellow sufferer friend Briana. The video she put together is not only informative but VERY entertaining. You GO Girl! This condition is a serious one and at times I feel like a lot of the people I know don’t truly understand what I have and am going through. Even though I have been vlogging myself, this video in particular was so well done that I just had to share it with my readers and for those of you who desire a better understanding of this condition. I mean, she lays it all down in 6 minutes and 18 seconds!

For friends and family members of us sufferers, I hope that if you really don’t truly understand our pain and suffering, you will come to terms with the facts of it.  It’s real and it hurts in so many ways possible, not only physically but mentally as well. For those of you who do understand and provide the proper support, I applaud you. You are loved and appreciated immensely! For those of you who make fun of us and/or talk bad about us (because yes, there are some idiots out there too) you can GO KICK ROCKS, trip over one and well…..just stop being ridiculous!

Hang on and hang in there fellow warriors! We WILL get through this!

Love ya!

What’s Happening Now Nearing 22 Months

Okay folks, here is a little update for you all!

As of this writing I am feeling good…still. No major flares, just itchy, flaky, shedding a bit and my skin is still burning a bit here and there. Oh and also today the chills are back a bit too. Ugh! My skin color is taking forever to come back completely, my hands are still a mess and I am still out of work. I have though been able to live off of my savings and other income which is cool. I am grateful that I am in a situation where I still have a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes to wear on my back. This condition not only takes it’s toll on our bodies but also our livelihood and it has not been easy. Looking at myself today, I am going to give myself another year of healing to look more like myself again.

In 2 days from today’s date I will have been suffering from this condition for exactly 22 months and it has been one crazy ride for sure. I have lost my cool a few times and have broken down quite a few times as well, but all in all I am keeping my composure, making fun of it at times and dealing with it the only way I know how….with God’s help and my own “built in” strength for survival.

As you have probably seen from the last video I did, I coped with the hair loss by getting a wig. In fact I got a few human hair wigs. A newer one of which I LOVE and is adorable on me. You’ll see it in another upcoming video. See, not only has my hair been coming out (and growing fast which is weird) but my scalp is flaky too which is NOT cool. I use jojoba oil on my scalp now but think I will switch over to coconut oil. We’ll see.

I have started to “look” cute again though due to now being able to wear more than just cotton clothing and my condition getting better. I even purchased a few extra pairs of earrings. Now, if only I could wear makeup again. I can sort of wear lip gloss again but for some reason have to wipe it off after a few hours due to slight irritation. I just don’t want to take any chances really. One thing for sure though is that I want to gain back some of the weight I lost during this. I dropped so many pounds I could have done a weight loss commercial. I started off at 175lbs (I’m 5’7″) and ended up at 142lbs. I lost weight in places I wish I hadn’t but oh well, it came with the territory.

I am glad though to have gotten this far along. Some people cannot handle going through this so they either go back on the poison or have their dermatologist treat them with some new drug that is going through a trial right now, so they need guinea pigs. Sorry to have to say that but yes, guinea pigs. I mean haven’t we put enough stuff into our bodies to mimic the function of certain organs through the years? I am not knocking anybody who chooses to do these things but I feel that this condition can be endured and since so many people have in fact healed from it, that’s proof right there. Me? Now especially, I am all about maintaining my health, eating right and taking the proper supplements. Once I am able to exercise again (which will be soon), I’ll be golden.

Everything else is pretty much the same.  My baby girl is growing up as she is 11 years strong now, I am still getting tons of support and prayers from family, friends and others from around the world and even though I have had to go through some major trials and tribulations in my personal life, I’m feeling good.

Till next time!

Tanya In 2012

Hair Falling Out Got A New Wig

Hair Falling Out Got A New Wig


So as many of you know from watching my videos my hair has been falling out due to this condition.  At one point (about 3 months) it hadn’t been coming out too much but then it started back up again! Now granted, I am not bald or anything but wow! I wish it would stop falling out! My scalp is also very flaky which was never a problem before this condition occurred.

I had been wearing half wigs and wigs every now and then when I just didn’t feel like doing my own hair, but now, especially now I have an excuse to wear all kinds of “extra” hair.  I prefer human hair to synthetic strands, although I have worn synthetic hair.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Remember, to each his or her own.

I actually purchased 2 new wigs which were on sale called “Fab Fringe” by a company called Sensationnel from their “Bump Collection Human Hair” line.  Needless to say, I love these wigs! The style reminds me of the hairstyle I wore back in the early 90’s when I was working in a beauty salon.  Yes, I used to be a Hairdresser and Cosmetologist.  Not what I really wanted to do but I did it and I was good at it too! Well, my strong points were hair cutting, coloring and relaxing.

I enjoy watching Youtube videos with women trying on different wigs.  It is kind of comical in a way though.  Some videos I can’t stand because the presenter talks too much (just put the wig on), or some where you can barely see them due to bad lighting, or some where the wig just looks awful on them yet they swear they’re looking cute! LOL!

When I decided I’d present my new look to my subscribers I wanted to show everybody that this condition stops NO SHOW! I felt good, I looked good and I was in rare form during this video shoot, so without further adieu, here it is:

Let me know what you think!

This video right here says it all!  Needless to say, I am SO HAPPY right now!

I want to thank all of you who have been praying for me, wishing me a speedier recovery! It is so nice to get so much encouragement and support from all over the globe, wow! Plus, my family and TRUE friends have stuck by me this whole time as well.  POWERFUL! Love you all!

Even though I still have more healing time to go, it’s good to be feeling fabulous again due to this flare finally going down!

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